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Hello, My Name is LeeAnne Homsey and I started managing New York City restaurants and hosting New York City events more than twenty five years ago.

Now a restaurant consultant I still host events at
different locations in Manhattan and Connecticut.

I have been in love with this business for over 30 years and when it comes to hospitality people seem to know that I have their best interest at heart and
I take great pride in this fact and I attend to every detail in creating an exceptional event every time.

My event business has evolved  to events for those who would like a completely unique New York experience.
It is my absolute pleasure to be hosting my current events at Brandy Library where I know the attention to detail is unparallelled.

Come join in and see!

Thank you,
LeeAnne Homsey, Event s, Restaurant Consulting/WaitStaff Training
Personal Phone/Text: 1-860-248-0988

"Thank you LeeAnne for a great idea and a great party.
All whom attended friday nite's event were made too feel very welcome,
as LeeAnne is an excellent hostess and has created a very friendly and
casual atmosphere. Get Introduced events get a 4 star rating and
should not be passed up as a means to meet and greet friendly nice
people. Thank you again LeeAnne......Jake"

"...I just wanted to post a quick note to say that I truly enjoy going
to LeeAnne's get togethers because I always meet new and interesting
people. This kind of thing is exactly what NYC needs and obviously
it's what the people want otherwise they wouldn't show up or keep
coming back.
Thanks LeeAnne for putting a great idea into action!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm weather!!! Ciprianna ..."


It's a nice way to spend a few hours that doesn't cost a lot.
LeeAnne is very good at what she does and the better she knows you the better your introductions seem to be.
I highly recomend this party/service to my friends and I hope it takes off for her. She deserves it and this town needs it.

Thank you, Doug - Investment Banking and Adventure sports guy.


Hi LeeAnne, I wanted to thank you for having Dan and I at the wine tasting tonight.
You are an amazing hostess and did a fantastic job with your event!

I have two questions following from tonight.
First, can you give me the name of the sommelier you use so I can order some of those wines?
Second can you send me your web site is it the Meetup site or a different site?
And information about your wine hosting activities?
I have some friends who are vinophiles and one who is a sommelier himself.



I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time last night at the "Almost Oscars" event.

It was my first time at a singles event and it was a surprisingly great time, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. It was a relaxed environment, I did not feel uncomfortable or pressured. I met some interesting people and tasted some good wine.

LeeAnne is a great hostess, she made me feel comfortable and welcome from the second I stepped in the room. Just one question, how does she remember everyone's name? It was great and I look forward to future events.

Thank you, Michael"


Hi LeeAnne,
Nicole here! I really enjoyed the wine tasting event on Saturday. I'd attended a few wine tastings in the past and came away with more knowledge from yours than all the others combined!


LeeAnne, Had a great time at M Bar last night! You will see me again in the future!

What makes your events different from other single events is you. You seem very interested in making sure your guests are comfortable and your memory skills are unbelievable! Definitely sets your events apart from the others.

Keep up the good work!

Albert Algerio

"I love this meetup goup!" Tameek Henderson

"Goodnight, hosts were great and on top of things. Impressed on how they introduced everybody and remember name and profession." Ross

"I really enjoyed the evening. Lots of interesting people and good wine." Blair

"John is a great assistant organizer....lots of fun and very charming." Julianne

"I enjoyed the people ? everyone was very nice, open, and willing to converse. It was a great atmosphere of people." Azadeh

"This was a great party and I made some great friends. Thank you very much for putting it together. See you next time." Lee

"Very friendly group of people...I look forward to the next event!" GayleG

"This is going to be a fall season full of love and great wine! (I can feel it!)" Silver Platter Parties

"Great Group. LeeAnne is amazing, has a great memory for people and what they do, and is always introducing people to one another." Jim Wolin

"Outstanding! LeAnne as the organizer does a really great job with introducing everyone to each other to make the evening comfortable. She also has an amazing ability to remember people's names and introductions. She also makes learning about wine low key and non-pretentious. She makes her events fun for everyone!" Tripp

"This is a great way to meet others and I will attend more mixers just like this one!" Mia Gaipa

"Seems like a fun group, look forward to attending more events in the future." Debbie

"Great group! LeeAnne is great and goes out of her way to introduce everyone. I'm looking forward to attending more of her events. LeeAnne - how about a wine tasting or an art gallery event." Sandra

"I enjoy this group. It is fun, I have met many nice, interessting people and LeeAnne is a great host. " Michael

"interesting mix of people" Colleen

"This group was good, alive and fun. Very approachable. Great Job I am looking forward to the next one. " Kenneth Conn A.J.P

"I love it" Rob Lenihan

"a really nice group of people." Marianna

"the crowd was nice.." sir_roy

"Nice, talented hostess." cues

"I thought the people seemed nice and I will look forward to going to a few more events." Nicole Reynolds

"A perfect combination of interest and audience, this meetup group trancends personalities, jobs and social strata into a common gound." Vincent

"good group. diverse, nice friendly people." David Goldman


"This is a nice group of people - and everyone seemed very decent and enjoyed themselves. " Bangkokbabay